Sep 28 2016

Mooch is asking for your help

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I want to continue the pace of battery testing I've had the past 16 months but circumstances have forced me to slow down significantly. Equipment wear and loss, along with tight finances, have made it impossible for me to keep going at the same rate.

I am uncomfortable doing this, and I know some of you find things like this quite pathetic, but I have been convinced by others to see how our community responds.

I've set up a GoFundMe page and…

Mooch is asking for your help

Sep 28 2016

Charger question

Im going to first say that this question is purely for knowledge and wether it would work or not, im not going to try this. If you sodered a 2 inch long wire to the negative side of a battery and a seperate 2 inch long wire to the positive side, could you charge the battery by connecting the negative wire on one slot and the positive wire to the positive slot next to it?

Sep 27 2016

Sony VTC5A additional markings and clearer wrap

I bought 8 vtc5a's from nkon, 5 of which have the same markings that mooch had in his battery test, the other 3 have some additional markings and the wrap is more see through. Just wondering if anyone else has purchased vtc5a's that have the same markings or if they are possibly fakes. Im guessing that they could be a newer/older batch but im not sure.

extra 5A at the end of top line

View attachment 601941

Additional warning label

View attachment 601945

Sep 25 2016

Battery Charger

Hi, I couldn't find a sub-forum about batteries, so I thought I'd post it here.

Just need your thought on what just came to my mind about battery chargers. So I'm using a regular charger, right. It's rated at 1A, 4.2V output. I'm noticing that the time it took to charge a 50% battery is longer than what it should, compared to charging an empty one (I know it's not completely empty, but empty according to my mod). For example, say the time to charge an empty one is 4 hours, then the time to…

<a href="”>battery Charger

Sep 24 2016

Any problems with slightly sloppy battery rewrap?

Pretty self-explanatory… I had to rewrap some batteries tonight and didn't do my neatest job. I am ONLY asking about cosmetic problems… wrinkles, creases, the like. They're not terrible but a little unsightly. All of the obvious safety concerns are covered; i.e. there are no tears anywhere on the new wraps, insulators have been retained and kept on the battery, etc.

So, other than potential fit problems in my most snug mods, there should be no problems with a few wrinkles in a wrap,…

<a href="”>Any problems with slightly sloppy battery rewrap?

Sep 22 2016

iOS mixing calculator

Hi guys do any of you guys know of a good mixing calculator I can get to use on my iPad of iPhone ???


Sep 21 2016

wismec rx75

what do u guys think of the rx75 by wismec

Sep 21 2016

Looking for high mah batteries for a subohm mod.

Will be using these at about 70w at 0.15 ohm so need at least 25+ amp rating.

Sep 21 2016

Pictures please.

I understand if this is too much of a hassle but if your batteries are nearby could you post some pictures of your current battery lineups please?
I spend so much time examining my batteries I always find something on the negative terminal and will throw them.
I am going through so many but I definitely never over tighten my mods anymore.
I would like to see what you guys are using and hopefully I am being over cautious.
Many thanks

Sep 20 2016

good battery suggestions

I really lke m'y pico but thé battery that came with it juste dosent seem to last very long i use it un wattage mode and temp control mode .the battery that came with it is an efest 18650 3.7 v 3500 milliamp . its my first mod with external battery the other ones have internal battery so perhaps I should have a second battery to finish my day or find a better battery

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